We show you science

Kiel is a strong centre of science and research.

On the topic of science and Kiel - we all pull together. Four universities, outstanding research institutes, clusters of excellence, the Wirtschaftsakadamie (WAK), the Wissenschaftszentrum (Science Centre) and the city work as one to underline Kiel's image as a city of science.

First-class scientific institutions are spread throughout the whole city. Freedom for thought and experimentation develops in creative proximity to research and development, industry, life and work. This freedom forms an ideal basis for forward-looking ideas and a home for innovative companies and university start-ups.


Change and cooperation

Science Unit Referat für Wissenschaft

"wissenschaf(f)tzukunft-kiel" is our brand for joint action under one single design. The City of Kiel's Referat für Wissenschaft (Science Unit) works together with universities, scientific institutions and many other partners to develop strategies and instruments to strengthen Kiel’s position as a centre for science.

The Science Unit is based in the Department of education, youth and the creative city and reports directly to Mayor Renate Treutel. Activities focus on funding, design and, in particular, support for partnerships between the City of Kiel and the scientific institutions, as well as providing support to scientific establishments for their cooperation with the city administration.

We want to make Kiel as a science location visible at a national and international level through targeted marketing. And we want to get the people of Kiel excited about science and research. We organise events and exhibitions. We take you with us on scientific walks and accompany you through researchers' nights. In short: we want to maintain the intensive dialogue between science and the public.



And where else?

No big event in Kiel without encounters with science. Researchers make use of the opportunity and share the latest findings on the big topics in science with their audience.