Cooperation Projects

University development is urban development and urban development is university development. Complex society-related and future-related problems can only be solved together.


Common Goals

This knowledge leads to a continuously growing number of direct partnerships between the city and the scientific institutions: from work experience and dissertations by students, via joint projects and events, through to regular institution-based cooperation in various committees.

Highlights in Kiel's event calendar, such as the Museum Night, the Festival of Science and the Digital Week are also lighthouse projects for successful partnerships. There is intensive exchange between institutions and cooperation in joint establishments such as the Wissenschaftszentrum (Science Centre).

The City of Kiel’s Science Unit arranges and supports these various partnerships between the city and scientific institutions.

Projects An overview

A few examples:

  • the cooperation between the city’s administration and the Kiel School of Sustainability
  • cooperation on the transdisciplinary innovation project CAPTin Kiel - Clean Autonomous Public Transport
  • the open citizen participation platform NeoKiel by the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design and the Arbeitsgruppe Bürgerbeteiligung (working group for citizen participation)
  • Filmclips on open youth work by the Jugend- und Mädchentreff (youth club and girls’ club) and the Kiel University of Applied Sciences (FH Kiel)
  • the Familienapp developed by the Educational Management Department together with the Kiel University of Applied Sciences (FH Kiel) and the Kiel.RefugeeCompass with educational offers for new citizens in Kiel
  • joint research, conferences, publications and events by the Stadtarchiv (city archives) and Stadtmuseum (city museum) together with Kiel University (CAU) on the Kiel Mutiny and 150 years of the navy in Kiel
  • the funding project Velocampus Kiel by the Kiel University of Applied Sciences (FH Kiel) and the city’s Civil Engineering Office
Visualization of an autonomously driving ferry
The CAPTN initiative is focussed on autonomous mobility on the Kiel Fjord. Visualisation: Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design