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13:00 - 18:00 Uhr

From geophysics to daily life: How do we build up the seismic and tsunami hazard maps?

What is an earthquake, what is a tsunami and how do we record them? Find answers to these and many more questions at this booth.

There are several steps in between the data acquisition and the seismic and tsunami hazard maps generation. What is an earthquake and what is a tsunami? How do we record an earthquake? Which kind of data do we need to characterize an area? How can we interpret these data in terms of seismic and tsunamigenic potential? How can we make all this information understandable and available for the population? In this booth we will try to answer these and other questions about earthquakes and tsunamis and the geophysical and geological processes behind them.

Lokation: Hafenspitze, Am Stadthafen/Schiffsbrücke

Veranstaltungsformat: Präsentation



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