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Students in Kiel are not left to organise their studies on their own. There are a number of organisations that offer services to students, and support them in various areas. The AStA (student committee) and the Studentenwerk (student union) help with all matters related to student life, while the educational cluster programme OpenCampus and the services of the NetteKieler Ehrenamtsbüro help to look beyond the regular academic activities.

Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein

One of the most important resources for students is the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein (student union). Here you can also apply for BaföG (student financial assistance) and student loans. The Studentenwerk operates halls of residence, canteens and kindergartens for students' children. It provides support for financial and study-related matters, as well as for personal problems.

Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein


For advice on academic, legal and social matters, for arranging accommodation and part-time jobs: for all these topics, students can approach the AStA (student committee) at their university.
In addition to providing advice, and issuing statements on academic policy matters, the AStA is responsible for, amongst other things, negotiations for semester tickets, the sale of international student identity cards, and promoting culture and sport.

The General Student Committee (Allgemeine Studierendenausschuss), known as AStA, is elected by the student parliament. It represents the interests of the students at the university in all external matters, and serves as a point of contact for problems and requests of any nature. Participation in the elections to the committees, and taking up a volunteer role within AStA, provide the opportunity for co-determination.


OpenCampus brings Kiel students together with companies or non-profit and cultural organisations. In joint projects, students learn to combine their academic knowledge with entrepreneurial thinking and social responsibility, and to develop a culture of innovation, from which the region will also profit in future, just as much as the students themselves. 

OpenCampus, the educational cluster for the Kiel region, is funded by the three Kiel universities, regional business development corporations,  the Kiel and Mittelholstein federations of commerce and industry, the capital Kiel and further partners.


NetteKieler Ehrenamtsbüro

Voluntary work offers students the opportunity to combine learning with social involvement, while doing good at the same time. In this way, new ideas can be tested, contacts made, networks established, and an advantage gained when applying for jobs. 

The NetteKieler Ehrenamtsbüro arranges volunteer activities in all areas of society. The range of areas is unlimited, and volunteers have complete freedom to structure their individual activities. 

How can I get involved as a volunteer in Kiel? You can get an overview here

Nettekieler Ehrenamtsbüro 
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Schleswig-Holstein Volunteer Card (Ehrenamtskarte)

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Photo bottom: Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein