Counselling and family matters

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Beratung und FamilieCounselling and family matters
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Counselling and family matters

Examination anxiety, financial difficulties, lack of childcare – many issues can make studying much more difficult. The student advice centres at the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein (student union) and the universities would like to help.

The counselling services provide advice to students 

  • with personal problems

  • from working-class families

  • from migrant families

  • with disabilities or chronic illnesses 
  • with children 
  • and work with them to develop personalised solutions. 

Psycho-social counselling / social support

Help is available for everyone struggling with self-esteem issues, performance anxiety, relationship problems or financial difficulties. The student advice centres at the Studentenwerk provide information on therapeutic measures and social support specifically for students, where required.

Family and studies

Particularly for parents who are studying, there is a wide variety of advice and support available. For example, the Studentenwerk operates 5 kindergartens for children of students. Free children's meals are available in the canteens.

Studying with disabilities or chronic illnesses 

Students with disabilities or chronic illnesses require special assistance. The officers and counsellors at the universities and the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein are important contact persons. They answer all questions related to financial and practical assistance for everyday student life, in particular regarding disability compensation during admission, studying and examinations.

Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein 
Family Services at Kiel University 
Advice on parenting  
Advice on studying with a disability or chronic illness at Kiel University 
Kiel for people with disabilities

The student committees at the universities also provide advice on specific topics:

AStA at Kiel University 
AStA at Kiel University of Applied Sciences 

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