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Global Economy Prize

The Global Economy Prize is a distinction that has been awarded every year since 2005 by the Institute for Global Economy, the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Commerce and the Land Capital Kiel. It honours politicians, economists and companies that have earned merit as pioneers of a cosmopolitan society founded on the market economy.

Three Global Economic prize-medals
Global Economy Prize

The winners of the Global Economy Prize 2018 have been confirmed. Honored as pioneers of a cosmopolitan, economically liberal, and public-spirited society, this year´s laureates are:

Prof. Klaus Schwab, founder and executice chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Category: Politics

Bas van Abel, founder and CEO of Fairphone B.V. Category: Business

Prof. Robert Shiller, Ph.D., American economist, Nobel prizewinner, and best-selling author. Category: Economics

The prize is designed to give an impetus to overcoming in a creative way the great global economic challenges in a dialogue between the various social groups.

The Global Economic prize is awarded during every Kiel Week at the end of June to a high-ranking politician, renowned economist and an outstanding firm – figures distinguished especially by their forward thinking and aptitude for communicating global economic solutions, their ability and readiness to enter into dialogue beyond the borders of their speciality, and their advocacy of a socially responsible society founded on personal accountability.

The Global Economy Prize:

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