Faculty of Engineering of the Kiel University (CAU)

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Technische Fakultät der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu KielFaculty of Engineering of the Kiel University (CAU)
Logo: wissenschafftzukunft kiel

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Faculty of Engineering of the Kiel University (CAU)

At the Faculty of Engineering (TF) young people get the chance to study Science of Engineering at an exigent level of a University. Currently there are about 2300 students enrolled at the TF in the Subjects “Electrical and Information Engineering”, “Computer Sciences” and “Material Science”.

The Faculty of Engineering at CAU
Faculty of Engineering

In addition to these “classical” Subjects there are momentarily further degree programmes offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Science. These degree programmes “Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Business Management” and “Business Information Technology” are the only two programmes at the TF with restricted admission.

The TF is the youngest of in total eight Faculties at the Kiel University. Founded in 1990 the TF is by now outmost successful, both national and international.

This success in research is well documented by the very high amount of acquired third-party funds, the organization and participation in outstanding fields of research of the German Research Association (DFG) and numerous awards of Kiel Scientists. How successful teaching at the TF is can be shown by the high number of registered Students and the very good evaluation results of the courses.

All in all the TF is a very attractive Institution at the Kiel University for Scientists as well as for Students.




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